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Higher Learning – CLEO Magazine visits Nepal!

From MattEarlier this year I had the absolute pleasure of hosting Gretchen Walker, Art Director at CLEO Magazine, in Nepal for a World Vision ‘Overseas Experience’ trip. Gretchen’s article moved me and it will no doubt move you too.

*This article appears in the current November edition of CLEO Magazine on sale now.

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Gretchen Walker and Purnima

Purnima (far left), Indu (second on left) and her friends, packed into the family home/restaurant!

Under a low tin roof, I take my seat at the back of a family restaurant. Sensing someone shuffling behind me, I turn nervously to see four wide-eyed, smiling faces staring at me in the dim light. They’re relatives, neighbours or friends of the owners, but it doesn’t really matter because here, community equals family. The children giggle and cling tightly to each other as a young girl joins the now fairly crowded wooden bench. She looks up at me and her eyes light up. “Gretchen, Gretchen Walker!” she says, and I quickly realise 14-year-old Indu and I had met the day before.