A special note to my followers

Hi guys!

Firstly, I want to say thank you so much for following the blog. Whether you’ve been with me for two years or two days, it’s great to be on this journey together and it humbles me that you would take the time to read, share and engage with my writing and stories. I wanted to reach out to you directly to let you know of a few new plans for the blog moving forward into the future.

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Writing in the field

So here they are:

  • Time for a facelift – I recently switched to a new theme and as a result there were a few issues to iron out (sorry for any random mistakes you have seen and there was an accidental email yesterday). I’m now really happy with how it looks and feels. If you have any feedback or find any glitches, I’d love to hear from you.
  • Regular posting, once a week – I will be endeavouring to send out one post each week on a Friday (starting this week). My hope is that with greater consistency, we can grow the conversation and take it deeper as we journey together exploring issues of justice, poverty, faith and life.
  • It’s time to get personal – Up until now my blog has been a random assortment of opinion pieces, personal news and inspirational stories. From now on I will be posting using a far more personal voice and going deeper into the issues that matter most to me. Most notably, I will be speaking more about my faith and belief in Jesus, and how that shapes my outlook and hope for this world (I plan on writing a post next week explaining further my reasons for this). As I hope is always the case when I speak about my faith, I will aim to do this in such a way that recognises and respects the wide variety of views and beliefs that shape this incredible world.

Again, thank you so much for your support and encouragement.


p.s. I’m always excited to hear from anyone who reads the blog, so please feel free to get in touch at any time, whether to ask a question, suggest an article or even contribute one yourself! (Featuring some ‘guest posters’ is another thing I’d love to do!)


    • says

      Thanks mate. Your own blogging has been a personal source of inspiration and encouragement for me to pursue mine further (I also referred to it to get some cool design ideas too and I’ve got a Genisis theme on board that you probably noticed!). Keep charging, love doing this together.

      Ps. Id love to share something from you on this blog sometime soon! If you ever see anything I write and have an idea for a follow on, let me know.


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